Require Research Assitant  Research / Writing / Editing etc. (Full Time / Part Time)  Qualification:   One should have good command in english langauage and know basics of Computer, MS office, Internet etc. rest we shall train.


SADVIPRA registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, originates from the Rig-Veda.The term has a great historical significance and relevance. It occurs in the Rig-Vedic aphorism “ekam sadvipra bahudha vadanti” this could be explained as-‘ekam sat’- meaning ‘truth is one’; ‘vipra bahudha vadanti’ – 'intellectuals call it by different names’...Thus in nut shell it means that entire universe is an extension of ONE reality.

Understanding this fundamental truth we move ahead with the conciseness that all creation is mere an extension of one absolute i.e. ‘Brahm’ or ‘Ultimate reality’. Therefore, our mission statement propagates this awareness through extending pristine ‘human love and care’ to one and all i.e. to mankind, animal, plants, and even to the inanimate world.
Thus in modern time, we have conceptualized SADVIPRA as one who is physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually elevated. They are staunch moralists and hence, fearless youth force who look at our world as ‘vashudhaiv-kutumbkam’ i.e. ‘entire world is one family’ as their existence has emancipated from the one absolute.

Vision Statement :
Extending Humane Love & Care EVEN to Flora, Fauna and Non-animate World.

Mission Statement :
Engaging Academics & Youth Force [AYF] to Rejuvenate Policies, Processes & Public-Welfare.


Recently Sadvipra helped Meerut farmers to form a Consumer's Co-operative called POVC (Prabhat Organic Village Co-operative), which is dedicated to supply 100% chemical free & natural FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) products to the people of India.
POVC has started war against 2 Poisons that today every household consumes namely- White Sugar, White Iodised Salt that cause many diseases. If you replace them with Swadeshi Khand & Sendha or Rock Salt then 50% of our diseases are gone. They are working hard to supply 100% natural & wild honey, different vegetable oils & all kinds of spices and herbs.

All the best - POVC !!!



  • Education is vital in empowering people on the fringes of our society and has the ability to bring enormous change in people’s lives. SAĎVIPRA’S education programme focuses on improving the lives of children and youth (those who have dropped out early from schools) seeking education to have better opportunities in life. Our goal is to increase the participation of people in the development of our country by providing formal and alternative education systems. SAĎVIPRA works to help children and youth with the desire to complete primary education and access formal schools through accelerated learning methodology.

  • A good network of health services is fundamental in building a sustainable model of health care development. A special initiative by SAĎVIPRA is to focus on the healthcare needs of the underprivileged communities who cannot afford proper healthcare and medicines by providing them early diagnosis and access to generic medicines through Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra and our new initiative Swadeshi E-Clinics. Further, we are also committed to creating awareness and knowledge about the age-old secrets of AYURVEDA and Naturopathy. This is a unique model which employs a comprehensive approach where health promotion and preventive medicines are given equal importance while curative care is administered.

  • Skills development is the process of identifying skill gaps, and developing and honing these skills. India currently faces a severe shortage of skilled and well trained workers. More than 65% of the youth in the country is in the working age group and it is essential that they are employable so that the country as a whole can reap the economic benefits. Keeping The National Skill Development Mission launched by the Government of India as our guiding light, SAĎVIPRA is committed to equipping people of the marginalized community with the necessary and required skills to attain better jobs and contribute in the overall development of the country. The organization would like to work on the technical and vocational skills for the youth to bring them in the mainstream.

  • The environment is an area which concerns all humans in society equally. SAĎVIPRA is committed to a clean and green environment by providing services such as Plantations, Afforestation, e-Nursery and Sanitation. Our team, comprising of geographers and environmental experts, help in maintaining the fabrics of ecosystem for sustainable environmental development. The challenges faced can be addressed by creating harmony between the man and environment. A social platform provided to learn different skills and techniques to be used in plantations, afforestation and the e-Nursery, thereby equipping them with new and relevant skills for a better chance of livelihood and future survival.

  • As the agricultural sector employs and feeds millions of people in the country, it is an area of enormous importance. SAĎVIPRA provides numerous types of agricultural services such as Cooperative Farming, Organic Farming, Akshaya Krishi, Poly-housing Farming, Vegetable Farming and Horticulture. Through these services, our experts can help the farmers and others employed in the agricultural sector to obtain high yields by employing scientific measures for the farm practices. Through this transfer of techniques and skills the vast agricultural sector in our country can grow and contribute significantly to the development of the country as a whole.

  • Sadvipra envision participatory, sustainable and holistic development approach for rural community to enhance their socio- economic conditions through cooperative farming, health cooperative, credit cooperative, entrepreneurship development for sustainable livelihood and women empowerment. We like to introduce farming in innovative and scientific way to protect our ecosystem.

  • The organization likes to undertake projects that involve social justice and social inclusion with gender and rights prospective. SAĎVIPRA is a reputed organization with a proven track record of working with renowned individuals such as Nobel Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi with whom we are presently working on a project to investigate the economics of child trafficking from Jharkhand to Delhi. Our organization is committed to other projects of a similar nature, to aid the government and other decision making bodies in taking decisions for the betterment of oppressed and underprivileged in our society.


SAĎVIPRA was founded with the notion of a holistic, and sustainable development for the welfare of human society in the fields of education, health, environment, agriculture, R & D, and skill development focussing its efforts on children, destitute, disabled, old age persons, refugees, orphans and diseased persons including schedule caste and schedule tribes.

  To study, analyse and evaluate the policy level discrepancies in education, health, agriculture and social welfare sectors of the Government.

  To bring out points and places of interventions through academic, media and other forms of intellectual platforms so as to mitigate the deficiencies between the policy and      programme.

 To work for the social upliftment of the underprivileged and neglected communities through skills and education for community development, and capacity building of      community leaders.

  To remain vigilant to work for the relief and rehabilitation work during emergency situations caused by natural and man-made disasters.

  To conduct, carryout, supervise or support research, participatory or otherwise, in the field of social development, on issues such as health, education, agriculture,        environment, skill development, R&D and other related fields of human development and welfare.

  To advocate our objectives and mission in national and international forum.

  To establish networking and supportive relationships with the organizations and agencies having similar objectives for joint ventures and programs.

  To participate in national and international forums and seminars to advocate our objectives and mission of the organization.

  To establish networking and supportive relationships with the organizations and agencies having similar objectives for joint ventures and programs.

 To accept grants from any governments, agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or person, of money, moveable and immoveable property,      donations, gifts, subscriptions, bequests and other assistance, with a view to promoting the objectives of SAĎVIPRA.


Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Delhi

Prof. I. Usha Rao

Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Delhi

Senior Lecturer, History and Futures PhD Sunshine Coast, BEd S.Qld., DipEd Melb., BA(Hons) W.Aust.

Dr Marcus Bussey

Senior Lecturer, History and Futures

Professor of Transport Planning Ph.D., M.Sc. (Tr. Engg.) (UK), PG Dip. TCP (TTP), B.E.(Civil) AITP, MIHT (UK), MIE, MIRT, MIUT

Prof. Dr. P.K. Sarkar

Prof. of Transport Planning

Ph.D.(Watershed Management) from Panjab University Chandigarh MBA(Rural Development)B.Sc.(BSc Physics Hons)

Dr. Upendra Nath Roy

Prof., Department of Rural Development

Director, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (UGC-HRDC), University Of Delhi

Professor Geeta Singh

Director,CPDHE, University Of Delhi

Faculty of Social Sciences Chairman,Board of Research Studies University of Delhi

Prof. J.P. Dubey

Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. , Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi

Dr. R.B. Singh

Professor, Department of Geography

Chair & Managing Director at Centre for Indian Bamboo Resource & Technology (CIBART)

Prof. I.V.Ramanuja Rao

Managing Director at CIBART



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